Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

My receipe for warm stew on a cold night

Find the largest pot you have.
Fill 1/3 full of water
Add one chicken stock cube
Add one stalk of celery chopped
Add one stalk of a leek chopped.
Add one garlic bulb crushed and chopped fine, or less depending on taste.
Add three cups of frozen peas
Add two chopped carrots
Add thee small potatoes sliced in half and peeled or three roast potatoes if you haven't a fresh bag.
Add whole pepper 1/2 teaspoon

Fresh mince (low fat) approx 8oz Cook in a non stick pan with no oil.
Add Soy sauce to season and when cooked add a half glass of white wine and simmer for five minutes slowly turning the mixture.

Bring the pot to the boil and add the mince steak.
Boil for five minutes then turn heat to low and simmer for an hour.

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