Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

A truely bizarre week

What a week for the Irish people?. I think it is one which will be remembered by many for the brutal reduction in the minimum wage, and further cuts to those on welfare. Next year will be very difficult for many and the stupidity of it is that a lot of the cuts will mean that there will be more pressure put on the welfare services such as the HSE and voluntary bodies many of whom are already struggling under grant funding cuts so state services will be paying out more. Capital spending cuts will put another perhaps 20,000 plus people in construction out of work. The reduction in the minimum wage affects 4.9% of the employed population and will do nothing but put more profit into the hands of employers and mean that those on a contract on the minimum wage will be let go and replaced with those on a new lower rate.

Edit Noonan FG finance spokesman has picked this up today Sunday 12th

Hotels have been doing that to cut costs. I was chatting to a man who was employed for 20 years by the same hotel only to be replaced by someone on the lower current figure and no doubt they will now be replaced too. This is a race to the bottom. Those on the minimum wage are struggling as it is. The appropriate approach should have been to push for agency/utility efficiencies to reduce electricity and other prices instead of slashing and burning those who had no part in the Celtic Tiger.

The appalling thing which most annoyed me this week was Micheal Lowry trying to take the moral high ground and insisting that his support for the budget was the right thing to do. These guys like him and Healy-Rae have some brass neck. The sooner they are gone the better, but somehow I
don't think that will happen any time soon. Parish pump politics prevails.

In other news TDs mobile phones were published on the internet.

I think this is a good thing. Our politicians are sitting in ivory towers of their own making and have no idea what the public are thinking. Had they any idea they would have called an election some time ago, so perhaps voters venting anger is what they need, particularly those who still insist in the government parties that they had no other alternative but to go for the EU/IMF bailout even after they themselves got us into this mess in the first place. They even insisted this week that the €40 million bonuses paid by AIB to employees could not be overturned, something which I found like many to be quite incredible, but just another example of a lack of intelligence and urgency that we have seen for some time particularly in the last two years. Emergency legislation can be brought in over night if there is a POLITICAL WILL.

I found this video on negative equity which struck a note with me and it's symptomatic of how many find themselves presently.

Finally it's reported that Gerry Ryan who sadly passed away had traces of cocaine in his body and that the insurance companies who insured his life may not now pay out... A bizarre week indeed.
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