Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

Happy Christmas

As the Siberian weather continues a pace and temperatures drop to -10 etc. I'm sitting in Rathmines having postponed an appointment looking at more and more snow falling. I suppose the temperature fall has been a bit like what has happened to our GDP and sort of ironic that as we enter into financial austerity brought on by the ECB we also enter a very deep freeze. Is this what the bible predicted for the end of the world? I hope not, but for some the financial straight jacket we are in will be intolerable. I'm thinking of the two people who seem to have taken their own lives in the Grand canal, both young, both with a lot to live for, but obviously they didn't see that bit. It's a tragedy that as a country we have so little mental health support services at a time when they are needed so much. We are a country driven by money to the exclusion of the care of our must vulnerable people.

Last night RTE showed how the developers with loans in NAMA are hedging their bets and putting property into wives names and still flying private helicopters and living expensive lifestyles. In the meantime a woman who has cancer and is pregnant and needs an abortion is forced to go to the UK because the ethics committee at a Cork hospital refuse her an abortion.


For Gods sake can we not get this society of ours functioning properly? It's dyslexic to say the least. Equality in our society is going down the pan and getting worse with financial cuts while the mighty live high on the hog with no shame whatsoever.

We need abortion legislation now. It's nearly 19 years since the X case and now finally the ABC case again highlights the lack of lead from a goverment still tied to the coat tails of Roman Catholic church dogma. Where is the compassion from either a draconian church which purports to love thy neighbour and a government with no idea or will to lead on matters aside from economics?


As Christmas approaches should we not be thinking less about material possessions and more about being decent human beings to those around us? Can any of us live with a conscience that condones abuse of money, power and privilege in the season of goodwill. I hope not, but I'll not hold my breath as far as the NAMA boys of this world are concerned and the people who govern us. Change needs to start at the top by example, not the cute whorism we have seen for years.
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