Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

Good riddance to bad rubbish

At this time of year we tend to look back at the past year, and the things that we could or would like to change or if we have the chance do differently in 2011.

Some things marked 2010 for me. These are the low points.

1/ A banking system and a government in continued denial.
2/ A Finance Minister that kept telling us that ever increasing NAMA haircuts and bank loss figures were final figures.
3/ A lazy media that had no savvy to see though government spin and bullshit. It took us to read the foreign press to know what was REALLY happening in Ireland.
4/ A morally bankrupt government kept in power because they refused to hold three by elections for over 18 months, which carried on without any obvious mandate to wreck even more financial havoc.
5/ A government that had no idea what was happening within the banking sector and eventually was told by the ECB that it could not support the Irish banks any longer without and IMF bailout. I suspect here that Lenihan may have known the bank run was happening, but couldn't figure out a way of stopping it.
6/ A Roman Catholic Church in denial from Pope Benedict down, and a system of control which is corrupt and morally wrong. There is a canker in this church which if Jesus were around today, he would be in the temples over turning the money lenders tables again.
6/ The correlation between international money and our small and open economy, and the damage international finance is able to inflict on countries like us, because, it doesn't seem to matter if they make mistakes for greed and profit that they can still screw us to get that money back by hitting the poorest in our society. Where is the morality in that?
7/ An ex taoiseach appearing in a kitchen cupboard television advertisement
8/ The abysmal handling of weather related events, by our government, local authorities, but this appears to be universal because the New York blizzard of December provoked the same response.

I could add to this list, but rather than depress anyone reading this, let me look at the good things of 2010.

1/ The sportsmen of this country did us proud whether in rugby, boxing, both male and female,golf, etc.
2/ Our actors and actresses of stage and screen, who have gained world wide acclaim.
3// The resignation of people like Bertie Ahern and his cohorts in Fianna Fail and a recognition by 90% of the population who is responsible for our economic demise.
4/ Our exports are again increasing.
5/ Our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters who are in relationships can now commit to their loved ones by the enactment of the Civil Partnership Bill. It's not enough but at least it is a start and there are several flaws.
6/ Our transgender brothers and sisters will now have a Gender Recognition Act in the short term giving them a formal legal status following the ECHR judgement of 2002... I know it only took eight years to deal with this judgment..the speed of our legislators is to be admired.
7/ At this point I have now decided to stop.
Happy New Year, may you and all your loved ones be safe and as prosperous as possible in 2011
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