Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

The contrasts are striking.

The events of the last week have seen more job losses and yet more revelations on how our political system works.

Ivan Yates of Celtic bookmakers fame puts his hand up and calls the job loses as his and his wifes fault and that is much to be admired as anyone with any decency would do the same.

Contrast that with the denial of Cowan /Ahern and company on who was responsible for making such a mess of this country financially and there is a very stark difference. They have put the blame on everyone but themselves and this mornings disclosures that Cowan and Sean Fitzpatrick were out golfing in the period between the Anglo share meltdown and the bank guarantee in September 2008,raises questions about how much Cowan knew at that time about the Anglo problems... I suppose they were talking about new putters and golf swings, among other things like the losses at Anglo and what Cowan would do to save a rotten bank by getting the weakest in society to fess up. Wouldn't that strike you as being a normal conversation?

Eamon Gilmore was quite right Cowan is an economic traitor, a man of no principles and morally bankrupt like the banks he tried to save., clinging on to power by keeping three by elections on hold until forced. The old saying is very true... Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Everyone apart from the fourteen percent who still support FF as shown by the recent polls know this is true.

Meantime David McWilliams is labouring away at the laptop telling us in ten steps how to stop the meltdown. Will anyone listen to this man who really matters? I doubt it and that is a sad fact.
Perhaps we can get David elected to the Dail and a few more like him to see with the experience that they have what can be done... At the very least he should be taken on by the new government in an advisory capacity if they are serious in effecting an economic turnround, and my bet is that he would cost a lot less than the crowd who advised Cowan/Lenihan etc., before the bank guarantee

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