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The best stand up comics should be in Vicker St

The madness gets even madder this week...We should put our politicians on the stage as stand up comics. They are worth a fortune and definitely don't know it. Pat Short, Brendan O'Carroll and Edel King would have serious competition.

Is there a country in the civilised world that has a Prime Minister who was accused of having a hang over after entertaining his troops and a government partner who is entertaining us with his one foot in, one foot out stuff. There is no need for an All Ireland Talent Show when these guys are around. Actually they are better than what RTE produces as entertainment on a Sunday night.

To crown it all Cowan is now consulting his party on what he should do next. Is this man who was hailed a few years ago as an intellectiual within Fianna Fail really that dim that he needs to consult? The dogs in the street know he needs to go and be replaced by a government that at least has some semblance of what it is doing. No one believes that Anglo was not discussed at Druids Glen and yet trotting out to tell us different are every Fianna Fail TD that their PR people can find who are good at lying and who can hide it the most. This is surreal. We know they are all lying and they know that we know and yet it still happens ad nauseam. This is the stuff of farce. Then of course we have the TDs who are being asked if they support Cowan, the speaking out of both sides of the mouth stuff, and still saying nothing. This is an art form of the highest order in Ireland. There is a job for many as ventriloquists in the Olympia I'm sure of it.

Then we have Ivor fighting for the the right to clear has name. Does it get any better as a comedy script this week? Mrs Brown should be in politics at least the script would be sharper.

From the Irish Times Letters

A chara, – The Taoiseach shoots a few birdies with the bogeyman of Irish banking under the eagle eye of the third man, and we all end up with an albatross around our necks. The Greens are talking about golf, the Opposition are asking about grey areas, the Taoiseach gets a yellow card but says it’s all black and white, the country is in the red and the rest of us are singing the blues. – Is mise,


As usual Martyn Turner nails it

I look forward to more insanity next week and the vote of no confidence proposed by Labour... Watching the Greens squirm will be fun....but there may be developments before then...Keep your radios tuned to the news.:)

Meanwhile Fine Gael have a new website again and Enda looking and talking like the hero from a cheap American detective novel. The American site builders accents must be rubbing off.

Edit 9pm
Eamon O'Cuiv will stand for Taoiseach if Cowen goes...This is absolutely ridiculous now. The show needs to be moved to the Olympia where they can do farce very well.

Edit Sunday 16th
You can now generate you own poster of Enda Kenny Thanks to Ronny Mitchell

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