Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

GUBU mark two and will Rufus bark?

I'm sitting here on a Friday evening and having watched the last weeks political events I'm like many people thinking... "I just don't believe what has happened" Comments made about TDs on Thursday walking around the Dail shell shocked could have been made about any one of us political watchers. This has been the most grotesque week I think I've ever witnessed and words are of no use to describe it. The sad fact is however that we are in a serious situation as a country and we have politicians acting like ten years old. In fact the ten year olds I have known would be more mature..
I said last Friday that they should all be working as comics in somewhere like the Olympia, or Vicker St perhaps and this week has borne that out in more ways than I could ever have imagined.

The week showed Brian Cowen to have very poor political judgment, a high propensity to cute whorish behavior and a few Fianna Fail TDs whose political judgment is not far behind their esteemed leader. He should not have won the vote of confidence earlier in the week. Mary O'Rourke was saying that it's too close to an election to change political horses and that may have influenced some. I'd be willing to bet Cowen would not win his confidence vote today... Offering backbench TDs a job to raise their profile in return for a vote is not too smart particularly when one Conor Lenihan conforms it on television...Nil points. For once the Greens showed their teeth and refused to allow political deckchair arranging even though the Titanic ship of Fianna Fail and the Greens is holed well below the water line and is sinking fast. Twelve points.

Today on every radio and television station we had Conor Lenihan turning on his leader with a vengeance. Vincent Browne on Tonight with Vincent Browne and Conor had an entertaining set too. Vincent asking the question is this Conor doing self interest and promoting himself moving away from the Cowan position. Vincent was just asking what 90 percent of the country has been thinking, for quite some time...See what you think?

Next week we have the Labour Party vote of no confidence in the government. Will Cowen still be leader?. Will Conor Lenihan be sacked? Will Rufus bark? Next week your guess is as good as anyone elses... We shall await and see what excitment lies ahead.
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