Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

Social media will trip up our prospective politicians

So Enda Kenny went off with Michael Noonan to visit Barroso, President of the European Commission. What an expensive way to look something like the next party of government in the media. With Enda under house arrest for a couple of weeks, making no comment on anything they needed to do something, but this was a pure PR stunt and a waste of time. Nil points number one

The more I see of this long long election campaign the more it's looking like the party with the best spin and whoever has the best self discipline will pull the most votes, consistent with the fact that the country hates Fianna Fail. Kenny's handlers are acutely aware of the public perception of their man, as a waffler, and they are trying to mitigate it as much as possible. He may have ideas and experience but is no match in a television debate with Martin or Gilmore. Meanwhile Adams is all at sea with his figures on the economy. That's another story and the Greens are now irrelevant.

In terms of social media as an avid watcher most prospective TDs have not grasped the fundamentals on using Twitter and Facebook and many will depend on their handlers for the tweets... That is not a good idea. Tweets need to be the thoughts of the man or woman and not the sanitised version nor sent out in bulk as happened with FG tweeting the exact same thing yesterday.. That little gaff was irritating in the extreme and they obviously have not realised that it turns people off...Nil points number two Enda and company.

For all the faults of Fianna Fail they excel at one thing and that can be seen by their structured approach to the message. They will all sing off the same hymn sheet. Even the denial of the IMF bailout before it happened was pretty much in unison. Labour and Fine Gael need to concentrate on their people making them more aware of the party line in a much more disciplined way than we have seen up to now. They both need to concentrate on getting the same message over time after time. They need to set the media agenda and not be in a position of reacting to the sound bites of others. Fianna Fail will throw time bombs into the debate every so often as we saw this morning with Michael Martin saying he would support a minority Fine Gael government.. I can see this making Labour very nervous. It will take the media focus away from preaching the mantra.

Of course the unknown quantity here is Sinn Féin. They are weak on economics but have some star performers in Pierce Doherty and Mary Lou. An interesting election ahead and they are much more media savvy given their checkered history.

Millward Brown poll tomorrow Sunday FF 16%, FG 34%, SF 10%, Ind 15% Labour 24% Grn 1%

With thanks to Kylie O'Reilly

Thanks to Karen Reddy
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