Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

The silly billies of Irish politics

So this week the political parties set out their stalls so to speak...and then immediately started throwing stones at each other over the barricades . Labour are holding to some degree in the polls, SF are falling and Fine Gael are causing bemusement by their leaders bizarre attitude to a television debate, and the voters are completely confused. This makes for what we call a “normal” Irish election.

Fine Gael looked very amateurish in the media as against the more slick Fianna Fail approach this week and if it wasn't for Enda Kenny their polling rates would be in the stratosphere...Baron Gerry Adams is taking more stick for his lack of knowledge on southern politics/economics, and we are all busting ourselves laughing at the fun some are having as he tries to leave the British House of Commons where he never sat once in the first place...

Green Tea from RTE is well worth a listen if you need some more light relief.

Thanks to Ross Golden Bannon

Michael Martin trying to make us believe that he had no hand or part in the economic disaster of the last few years.. The phrase comes to mind " You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time"

On a different note, earlier this week the Irish Sun had a very derogatory front page piece on a transgendered woman lecturer at TCD. The invasion of this womans privacy was appalling and as a news story it was completely irrelevant as Vincent Browne said on his show on Monday night. Have the Sun nothing more serious to comment on other than who bedded who in the celebrity stakes and what is in a human beings pants? This was truly gutter press reporting. Perhaps the Irish people are getting used to transgendered people now judging by the lack of response to this EXCLUSIVE story and they are being seen as normal human beings and fellow citizens, I hope so.

Thanks to Kylie O'Reilly
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