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Louise Hannon

The SoDs don't get equality.

Are you bored with this election? I know I am because it seems to have been going on from the start of eternity when pussy wasn't even a glimmer in the tom cats eye. After a shaky start Fine Gael with a very amateurish approach to PR have improved. However their tweeting prospective TDs are still spamming in unison... Twitter seems to have defeated them so far in maximising their input. Most politicians are broadcasting their views instead of taking time to interact. Social media savvy candidates so far are Ivana Bacik and the young independent Dylan Haskins

No one else stands out in what I've seen this week. I missed the much hyped debate on TV3 between Michael Martin and Eamon Gilmore..Neither from what I can gather made a striking mistake.

What did strike me was Brian Lenihan saying the government has no mandate to put more money into the banks and he will leave that to the next government... This conversion on the road to Damascus is quite a miracle. It would seem that the Fianna Fail party see it as more of a poison chalice to give to the incoming government than a recognition very late in the day that Fianna Fail has no mandate. Very noble of them indeed after 14 years of cute whore politics, based on money. Their manifesto has no mention of inequality in Irish society and how they propose to fix that... The cute whore mindset is difficult to remove despite the soft focus on the new party leader, reading this stuff.

This Sinn Fein poster is more orange than green
Thanks to David McWilliams

Enda seems to still think builders are worth speaking to

Finally if you want to know what is happening inside the banks you could do nothing better than keep an eye on this blog. There is another banking/Euro crisis coming just in time for the incoming government to handle...

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