Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

The people have given two fingers to the political gougers.

I would seem that we are about to get a new Fine Gael government in some shape or form.

It will be a rough ride for whoever gets to be in government. There is another economic tsunami coming down the tracks in a very short time, in relation to mortgage debt, bank financing, and it will take strong nerves guile and ingenuity to deal with it. Europe and the EU/IMF deal need to be renegotiated, but it will be renegotiated in the overall context of the EU need to save the Euro and not from purely the perspective of helping Ireland.

Today Roche,(he's still hanging on by a thread) Conor Lenihan, Sean Haughey, Pat Carey, Mammy O'Rourke, and the Andrews dynasty, Mary Hanafin and the list goes on, are gone from the 31st Dail. From my perspective it's a good clear out. The electorate were waiting in the long grass. Unfortunately Dun Laoghaire lost out on Ivana Bacik and have gone with Boyd Barrett instead..The Dail need people like Ivana and I hope she comes through in the end.

We need fairness and equality from government, so I hope we get a Fine Gael /Labour coalition, because we will not get fairness from Fine Gael on their own

However the situation the country has been left in is a poisoned chalice for the new administration. There are those who say the new government will be short lived. I think they are wrong. Frankly my guess is that the governmemt will have a tough time but in five years things should have improved and another term would seem possible and something to aim for.

A government of Fine Gael and like minded independents might also be possible, but again not something I'd look forward to..

This Dail will give hope to people when the last one gave none. This Dail will work longer. This Dail will lead by example. This Dail will help create a sense of honesty in politics when the last Dail lead by Fianna Fail had none. This Dail will be about proper representation of the people before the profits of builders and developers, but I'm qualifying this with the caveat, that Fine Gael must be held in check by a strong Labour partner.
We shall see...time will tell.
Tags: #ge11, bacik
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