Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

An ode to St Partick and his partying people

St Patricks day has come St Patrick's day has gone.

They came with hats
They came with glasses
They came with nothing covering their asses.
St Patricks full of fun
In Templebar they drank from glasses.

A portaloo, one for you, one for me
You need to throwup?
How very kind of DCC
Who wants their job to mop it up?
A gigantic party,we shall see?

Every language I heard in play
Every pub was full to bursting
Health and safety out the door
Recession, what recession? This is the best.
But getting a drink was an endurance test.

The Irish know how to party
We are trained from a very young age.
We play the boron, and the fiddle.
Until we end up in the grave.
A wake awake, I need a widdle

It was all that drink,
We love you Arthur and Father Jack,
Next year we will be back.
Till then we drink in moderation
At least we'll try, now where's the jacks?
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