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Louise Hannon

Who are these guys fooling?

If it swims like a duck ..looks like a duck...etc.

Moriarty came out with his long awaited report yesterday, and the man didn't mince his words. Then those he challenged went in to more denial as they have been doing since the beginning. Is this pattern familiar? I think so, to the point where I am reminded of years ago when my father would argue with his brother to the point where my uncle would argue that black was white. I'd sit there spellbound that someone could be so belligerent and defend their case with such conviction, yet I knew one was wrong.... The same is happening today in politics.

But in recent years hasn't that always been the practice. Deny, brazen it out, obstruct and if all else fails blame it on a win on the horses, but never admit corruption. Do you see a €300 million lie detector?

In all of this some of the media have gone in heavier than others, but bearing in mind that some of the media is owned by O'Brien and they are the ones generally who tend to be more than a little myopic, missing the duck all together. The trick is to decipher who has a vested interest like a well paid job to protect. When we blame foreign dictatorships for lack of freedom of speech, remember it happens here in a much more subtle way. If I was employed by O'Brien in one of his media companies would I stand up and support the Moriarty's findings knowing in the background I could be fired? The short answer is probably not unless I was a complete fool, or I had independent means to live and keep a home and family.

Sarah Carey who worked for O'Brien on Primetime RTE last night defending his interest and shooting herself in the foot at the same time 56 seconds in.

Meanwhile Billy Kelleher TD on Vincent Browne was taking the high moral ground...Bring me a sick bag please!

The Corrib Gas pipeline is causing more controversy. Under Fianna Fail we seem to have given away a vast amount of taxable wealth.


On a much lighter note the Irish Times has an agony aunt who now advises on how to handle Facebook friends...I'm speechless...are we all so intellectually challenged?


The England Grand Slam victory video oh errr... but wait

The wonderful Elizabeth Taylor who passed away today RIP
What's My Line (1954)
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