Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

This is getting repetitive

Just listening to Patrick Honohan on RTE This Week and coming to the conclusion yet again that denial is still part of the agenda. A hope for the best and a prayer thrown in for good measure are the only options we now face it seems.. If I am wrong please tell me

His answers were less than convincing to Morgan Kelly's article of this week, in the Irish Times If you haven't read it, its here, http://bit.ly/mDsVOH

In the meantime Charlie Bird has taken over from Marion on the weekend show and both himself and Eamon Dunphy discussed the Kelly article.. From what I heard these panelists seem to follow the journalistic line one after the other like lemmings. Are there no hacks out there willing to call it as it patently is? When will we have people on air who speak their own mind apart from Gurdgiev, Somerville, Morgan and Lucey who are all economists.

Pat Rabbitte making a good point on why we cannot have a different debt mechanism treatment now instead of in 2013, but then that's to allow German and French banks time to build up massive reserves.

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