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Louise Hannon

Welcome Ma am

So the Queen has arrived amid tight security. As a proud Irish woman and a republican, I welcome the normalisation of relations between the UK and Ireland. Having lived in the north of Ireland for a long time and having listened to the propaganda from both sides of the political divide, it strikes me that some will still be unhappy there.

Unionist will regail you with how many Ulster men lost their lives at the Battle of the Somme in the Great War. In the Republic those who fought in both the WW1 and WW2 for Britain have largely been ignored until recent times, and almost airbrushed from history in the wake of the events of 1916. It's right that the Queen acknowledges both traditions in her visit, even though the sight of her standing head bowed at the Garden of Remembrance will cause a few Unionists to choke on their dinner watching it on television last evening. Unfortunately some republicans or those today who still use violence to try and gain a thirty two county state have still not got the message.

This is not 1969. After forty years of conflict and some resolution, this island is a better place at peace rather than at war with itself.

On a personal level, I have no time for the British Monarcy and can only see one purpose for it and that is to bring tourist revenue into state coffers because they can sure put on a show as we saw at last months royal wedding. Princess Diana was the only royal I ever had time for and I suspect there are many like me. In terms of the Queens visit, if it helps our tourist industry, it has to be welcomed, and as an historic event it has few equals, in my life time.

The last time I was taken to see the Queen pass I was five, today many decades later, I saw her pass over the Luas at Heuston station. I couldn't help but think of the enormous changes since that time. The Queen was in her late twenties, when I first saw her and is now a still sprightly eighty five year old.
The best of Irish Luck to you maam.

ma'am - Wiktionary
( ma'am is mostly obsolete, with a few exceptions. It must be used when addressing the Queen in place of Your Majesty)

Shane Hegarty via Twitter


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