Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

David Norris and Goliath

We have a situation at the moment where a man who is standing to become the President of Ireland is being pilloried by many in the press and those who are more holy than thou. Ireland is full of hypocrisy. We have full time politicians in the Dail and Seanad of this country who have done a lot worse than Senator David Norris. A politician pleading for a criminal by letter. Another bending the financial rules. Another phoning the President to influence events. We know who they all are don't we?

He wrote a letter asking for leniency for a former partner in a court case in Israel.. Norris did not commit any crime. His former partner committed that crime.
How many people in this country have or would do the same thing for their partner or former lover. If you believe in someone and what they have done is out of character, then of course if it stops them being incarcerated in prison would you not do what David Norris did? I tell you most people would do exactly the same. It matters not one jot whether that person is your husband, son daughter etc.
David Norris should be allowed to stand and let the people decide.

Edited 6pm
David Norris statement


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