Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

Enid Blyton would turn in her grave.

It's Friday evening and another fascinating week in Noddy land. The talk of Gay Byrne for President and Fintan O'Toole's very objective if cutting dissection of his chances and his flaws was very insightful and probably correct. Byrne has been very assiduous at not letting the public see the inner man and his private thoughts. Not an easy trick over so many long years in the very public eye.

On the bigger Noddy Island the kids took to the streets to let rip and burn a few shops aided by this wonderful Blackberry device that I'm struggling to get to grips with this week, having jettisoned my faithful Nokia for supposedly easy internet access on the move. Perhaps I should contact some of these kids in Manchester or London jails for advice on working this little piece of kit.

I often wondered why we don't riot more in this youthful republic..The last time was the time some had a go at the orange men on O'Connell St who had the affrontry to tell us we need to Love Ulster. Of course we love Ulster but not on O'Connell St looking like a building site on a Saturday afternoon. We don't like their type on our capitals streets it seems. Which brings me to ask why given the recession and the consequent rise in poverty, why the poor and under nourised in our society haven't rioted on this issue long before now? Do we accept poverty? Do we accept lack of work? Do we accept that the rich will still be rich and the poor will still be poor through thick and thin?

Do we roll over and while complaining just get on with life? After all very few complain if a restaurant meal is bad, we just don't go back. Do the left in this country and the unions who should be leading the drive for a more equal society work hard enough or logically enough to gain our support? The Labour movement has been around since before Connolly's time and yet the Labour Party in this country has never been in overall power on it's own.. Does that not tell us how conservative we are as a people? At the last election we voted for a conservative right wing party (FG) to replace another largely right wing party (FF). We have left wing independents in the Dail right now, and attempts to form a very left of centre party have so far not been too successful.

So will we see riots in our streets any time soon over the real issues of grinding poverty and an underclass that is alienated from mainstream society? I doubt it very much because we as a society are still influenced by the values of decency, and the willingness to help others less fortunate. Values which ironically came from the deep religious beliefs ingrained in us all by the Catholic church over generations. A church which by it's own hand has destroyed the respect many had for the institution by it's inability to control perverted priests. That is the irony of today's situation. While England burns, Ireland simmers but never boils over.


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