Louise Hannon (louisehannon1) wrote,
Louise Hannon

The Fianna Fail Bible according to Councillor O'Callaghan

Let me give you two definitions of a word that came to mind yesterday.
Myopic .....Nearsighted: unable to see distant objects clearly.

Myopic .....Lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight

I was reading Councillor Jim O'Callaghan's newsletter to the Dublin south East constituency which landed on my door mat. In this one page document he gives us his insight into why Fianna Fail lost the last election so disastrously.

In no particular order of merit
a/ FF allowed a property bubble to develop
b/ FF allowed increased spending on the assumption that the revenue from housing would continue indefinitely.
c/ FF assumed that the Financial Regulator was not asleep at the wheel
Probably correct
d/ FF was in government when the party sought loans from the IMF/EU
Correct, but who was responsible for this? Fianna Fail/Greens
Other less obvious facts according to the theory of O'Callaghan
e/ FF was organisationally weak.
f/ FF was fielding the same faces year after year and not attracting new faces
g/ Ultimately FF lost it's vision.

The first three of these reasons are correct, the rest does not even address the issues and treats the voters of this constituency with contempt. We can think for ourselves. He needs to know that for a start.

Jim O'Callaghan also needs to know that people left FF in droves because of pure chicanery, cronyism and the pure greed of their TDs. The “soldiers of destiny” were not honest with the people clinging to power and postponing by elections until they were forced by Pearse Doherty to hold one. Then they loaded all the financial problems of their building company and banking buddies onto the shoulders of the people who could least afford to pay, the unemployed and those on low incomes.

Wake up Mr O'Callaghan smell the coffee. His leaflet was in my bin in seconds and I suspect the same thing happened in many households if the voters even took time to read it. By the way I had to fish through my bin to put the pieces together to make sure I wrote this correctly.


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